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An Online Medical Coding [Encoder] Tool

Enhances/Replace Coding Book Info

Most Referenced Info on One Page

Check Bundling (up to 20 Codes) with ONE Click

Add Your Private Notes to Each Code

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Save Money

Save Time

Maximize Income

Stop wasting time and leaving money on the table because of common billing mistakes

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  • Incorrect Modifier Usage

  • Bundling and Unbundling Errors

  • Inaccurate Procedure  and Diagnosis Codes

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The Fastest Medical Coding Tool Available

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Streamline Your Workflow

Good coding is the key to efficiency

Find the Right Codes the First Time

Reduce rejections and resubmissions

More Time for Patients

Spend less time coding and billing

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Trusted by physicians, administrators, and specialty societies

I cannot tell you how invaluable CodingToday is. I must use the website at least a dozen times a day. The interface of the website is done well and is easy to navigate.”
--Jason L., MD

“The Coding Today website is a great and useful tool for offices to stay current in an ever changing coding world.”

--Vicky W., Practice Administrator


--Teddy, Practice Administrator

Some of our society partners

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We Understand
How Overwhelming
the Rules Are

  • We have been helping physicians and staff for over 30 Years

  • 10,000+ happy practices

  • 100,000+ coding hours saved

  • 10,000,000+ dollars Correctly Billed and Collected

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Insurance Companies Hold Your Money Hostage Because of Bad Coding.

With CodingToday you can quickly find the right codes to maximize your income.

We developed CodingToday because we know that you want to be paid accurately. In order to do that, you need the right codes the first time.

The problem is bad coding costs money which makes you feel helpless.

We believe you should be paid for all services provided.

We understand how overwhelming the rules are which is why we, over the last 30 years, have helped 1000's of practices collect millions of dollars left on the table.

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Step 2:Find Codes and Rules Fast
Step 3:Submit Clean Claims

So, start your free trial. So you can stop wasting time and leaving money on the table and instead maximize your income.

And in the meantime, download the Telehealth / Telemedicine Quick Reference Guide. 

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Money Back Guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied 
  • 30 days / full refund
  • No questions asked